We trade in handshakes
of ghostly currency.
Spectres melting into
leather office chairs,
£1000 shoes propped up,
hard-heel tapping mahogany.
99% scrabbling at chicken-feed
pinching news items between their fingers,
screens harbouring wipeable perspiration,
when long before it disappeared,
between pages of law and righteousness.

We’re told its empty:
The comfort of the Euro feels
nothing like the £’ing of heart
against heart with an embrace.
But clammy and desperate we
compete to live for techno-respite,
sharing our global position
through social media machines
and laughing at funny tidbits;
something to disengage the brain
when you start wondering why
your bank account haemorrhages,
and your neighbour has two new cars.

We trade in misinformation,
skulduggery to chug
the oil and gentle fucking
of the 1%.
£6 shoes propped up
against IKEA furniture
and the age old question
of free-will.



I guess machines are people too.
Prodding at buttons
And twisting knobs and remembering data.
Brains and pools of cloud
Swim in ether
Kinda like us, easing youth outta
Jobs and creeping about in secret lives.
Making life ‘easier’ when those
In the middle hope for
A dystopian future.
All the jobs are taken, processing
Completed with sharper metal minds
And more nimble fingers.
Photos snapped by drones
Because after all they can see
The bigger picture.
There was a time when an apple
Was fruit, sustenance and the first and final
Penance of the human race.
Movies shot on location by
Former aluminium servants
And editing completed by stripping
Away humanity.