The Greatest Dog-Show On Earth


Paws pad over the green carpet,
celebrity pooches dragged to heel,
trained to bite through barred fingers
for morsels of ‘good boy’ food.
Fussed on a podium, blinded by hair
and molested by human fingers.
Lips lifted to reveal un-natural  pearled
teeth, artificially white and clamped.
Hands run over the spine probing divots
and smoothing the coat.
Every thirty seconds, the brush pulls
and calms the hair so the little
Llasa apso can glide across the floor
for us.

Panting bitches are bribed around
the NEC lake with promises of play
and treats,
whilst the carbon-copy ghosts
footstep the same paw-prints
only ten seconds behind.
Sit- heel-over-heat.


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