Muddy Camp.

I bet everyone there;
(all 12 of them)
£1000 that the Renault Megane
wouldnt succumb to the mud for a second time.
Foolish and in debt
I helped the others to pull
the car from the doughy ground.
1         2         3   
Wheels spinning, casting splecks
onto shins and calfs,
‘It’s fuckin’ stuck’.

The wet turf shifted
and squelched around the soles
of our shoes,
as we dug in and tugged at the rope.
1      2      3
Socks wet; faces red
we leave it to the landowners
land-rover to judder and eek the car free.


One comment on “Muddy Camp.

  1. One of The 12 says:

    Haha, love it!

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